In the midst, the deeper the dream goes, the more colossal the time drags, you then hardly distinguish between reality and illusion.

The action scenes and contradictory labyrinth and so on the way out, in order to enter the dream level extension of time as the design direction.
In addition to the film into the dream time becomes faster, the movie in the music technique also uses a slow play to reflect the elements of the dream into the dream, so the logic of the poster design using the totem in the movie: the gyro, mathematical logic toward Visual collocation of the design to express the deeper into the dream, the time will be stretched, the sound wave will be elongated, just as the pixels will be pulled away led to the mosaic presentation.

將重點動作場景以及矛盾迷宮等等手法捨去,以進入夢境層程度時間拉長為設計方向。 電影中除了進入夢境後時間變快,電影裡在音樂手法上也使用了慢速播放來反映進入夢境的提醒元素,因此在海報設計邏輯上運用了電影中的圖騰:陀螺,以數學邏輯走向的視覺搭配註解的設計來表達越深入夢境,時間會被拉長、音波會被拉長,就如同像素會被拉開導致馬賽克的呈現。

Design| Hsin-Hsiang Kuo 郭欣翔
Year | 2017

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.