Tropical Night In the terminology of the Japan Meteorological Agency, the minimum nighttime temperature is above 26 degrees Celsius. During tropical nights, insomnia is often caused by the heat. Visual simple to test the night without wind, heat makes melting like the spirit of the state hit from the night. By the geographical and temperature affect the line of sight, mental and physical state of this role in the purest of life. As the fan rotates for some coolness, it's too hot to endure. From the fan's interstitial space to design tropical night three words font visual.

熱帶夜在日本氣象廳的用語裡,是指夜間的最低氣溫在攝氏26度以上。在熱帶夜時,因為炎熱 而導致失眠的事件往往不少。 視覺以單純表驗夜晚無風,熱使得融化捲動般的精神狀態從黑夜中襲來。由地域與溫度影響視線、精神 生理狀態這種在生活裡最純粹的之間作用。隨著電風扇的轉動希望獲得一些涼意,但到頭來還是熱得無法忍受啊。 從風扇的間格空間來設計熱帶夜三個字的字體視覺。

Design| Hsin-Hsiang Kuo 郭欣翔
Year | 2017

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.